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Thursday, May 04, 2006


Well gals - I did it and got a new blog!!

Here is my new address:

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Schools Back!!!

Yep - The biggest thing happening in my life - Matts back at school! It is lovely and quiet here today - Cant wait till Thursday - That will be dreamy - Just having Alicia!! She is my angel anyway so it should be nice!!! So it has been a weird week - The miners in Tassie - How lucky that 2 of them have been found alive!! I was crying watching their families on tv - they were so excited that they were ok - As you would be! But their has been some tragedies too - Jen and Kell - I am thinking of you both and your families!
So it has been pretty quiet for me - Sunday i went for the scrap needs monthly crop - Had fun as always!!! I got one LO finished that i had started the night before and another LO nearly finished! I think i just love to go to chat!! LOL!!
More exciting news - I won 2 competitions on Serenity - A $20 gift voucher and also a Melissa Frances Ribbon Drawer - How stoked am i!!! Awesome prizes!! I not long ago found this site but i am addicted already!! LOL!! Lovely ladies and great competitions!! The comps are keeping me super inspired to scrap which is great!!
So i am sitting here scrapping now - Thought i would stop for snacks though!! I am trying out a different stitch on my sewing machine - Looks pretty kool so far!!!
Well i should probably get back to it - I will share a few recent LOs!! I have done a few using some Urban Lily papers as i am thinking about entering their DT contest! Thought i would see what i could do with their papers before i decided!! I like my LOs anyway so if i dont decided to enter or do and dont get it - I am still super happy!!! The first LO is me!!! The photos Lib took of me being Silly!! I still like them though!! LOL!!

Friday, April 28, 2006


Thanks to Lib for tagging me!!! I will catch up a bit first then do the tag! Well wednesday - Volleyball!! We won! Then we came home and i did the last few details on my A-Z like filling out the form etc etc - then i posted it!!! How good does it feel to have it all done!!
So yesterday - I meet up with Jen and Lib out at the Erina shop - Should have seen us with our tribe of kids!! LOL!! So i got some new yummy papers!!! MMMMM I Love papers!!! Anyway - Then we set off for Chipmunks - OMG - School holidays is hell!! Never going there again in school hols!! Lib ended up going shopping and never made it to chipmunks!! LOL!! (Hope you got some good bargains Lib!) I think me and Jen lasted about 2 hours then both went home a bit stressed and just desperately wanting peace and quiet!! Hope you got some Jen!!! So then had to play volleyball last night - at 9pm - against a div 2 team - we are div 1 - So we absolutely slaughtered them and i hardly moved!! I was freezing when we finished!! LOL!! Usually i am so hot and sweaty and yuk but seriously - thats how much better div 1 is!! So we walk over to the counter and one of the girls from the other team is abusing one of the girls that works there because they had to play us - It was cause we both had byes so we played against each other instead - I get it - I accept it - Who cares!! But there is no reason to go off!! Geez - I felt like telling her to get a life!! Who cares!!! Least we beat them though - I would have felt real bad if we lost to them!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
So i havent quite scrapped as much this week - I dont have any deadlines so im not doing anything!!! I am working on a little mini album of Alicia - At the beach!! I did do a few LOs at the start of the week though!! How weird am i - Havent scrapped for like 2/3 days and it feels like forever!! LOL!!
So i will share with you the cover of my mini album - Was gonna share some LOs too but it wont let me - Stupid thing - I just uploaded a new version of internet explorer and bloody hell - It is totally different!! Why cant they just leave things the way they are!! GRRRRR!! Stupid windows updater thingy!!!

And now - The long awaited for TAG:

Born: 14th September 1981

First Job: Kmart Checkout Chick!!!

Fondest Memory: Well i will have to say the birth of my daughter - Now not saying i love her more than the others BUT i was in so much control over her birth and i did it how i wanted to - It was quick and well i have to say easy - The boys births were scary as i was sick with Matt and Mitch had the cord around his neck!

Last thing purchased: Ummm - I went to coles last night and got some coke, nappies, juice and some yummy mars pods (seriously addictive - if you have not tried these you are missing out!!)

Fish, Chicken or Beef: CHICKEN CHICKEN CHICKEN - My fave meal!!! Anything chicken!!! (Leaves me a goner if the bird flu comes here huh!!!)

Movie: Ummm - I cant remember!! Oh a few weeks ago i watched Goldeneye on foxtel - me and Jono used to love playing that game on Nintendo 64!! Brought back memories - Oh and i watched Gladiator while i was scrapping last sunday night!!

Retreat: Last retreat i went to (And the only!) Was the scrap needs retreat in March!!! SOO much fun!

Flower: Daffodils and Singapore Lillies

Day of the week: Probably wednesday - pay day and volleyball day - gets me out of the house!

Indulgence: Scrapbook stuff and Pods!!!

What scrapbook lines/products, etc. do you dislike? Ummm - Not much really!! LOL!! Some of the older stuff!

What technique do you use more than anything else? Tearing - I LOVE it!!!

Who or What are your biggest influences on your style? I would have to say Jen - I love her stuff and i want mine to look that good!!

Have you ever had any scrapbook related tiffs with your Husband? Not really - Not unless i am on the puter at the same time as scrapping and he wants the puter!! HAHA!!

Finish this sentence, "If I wasn't a scrapbooker/stamper, I would spend my money on..." Clothes probably - I know i need new ones!! HAHA!!

If there is one person you have met through blogging that you know will be a life time friend who would it be?: I dont know - I have made a few friends through scrapping (not blogging cause i started blogging through scrapping!) that i reckon i will stay friends with!! I dont want to say names incase i forget people!!

What music do you listen to while you scrap? Ummm - Usually the music on my puter which varies - Newer stuff - Older stuff -I do love to listen to Pete Murray though - He is a fave!! I would be happy to just have the radio or Channel V on!!

Obsessions?: Scrapbook shopping, Scrapbook internet surfing (Forums, galleries - I am addicted!!) Oh yeah and the actual scrapbooking too i guess!!

Do you have an addiction?? Umm yeah - Obviously scrapbooking!!

Out of the box, (well on it ) who do you lust after on TV?. Wentworth Millar from Prison break!!

You just won a week long scrapbooking cruise for 5. Who is going with you? Geez 5 is hard to pick!! I dont wanna pick!!!

When you received your first publication notification, who did you tell? Jono, my mum - then announced it on the forums!! LOL!! Everyone that would listen!!!

One quote that defines you: "You have got to stand a little rain if you will ever see a rainbow!"

After answering the questions, tag four of your buddies I tag : Jen, Kel, Sal & Beck (And anyone else who wants it!!! LOL!!)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I made a whole post and it ate it so i will just post my LOs now cause i dont wanna write it all again!
Here is a sketch challenge LO - Bugs Bunny Boy and a mini album i made about my nan - All photo of her from when she was lots younger!!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Well Hello There!!!

Im not so good at this blogging too often am i!! LOL!! Well i have been really sick this week though so thats my excuse and im sticking to it!! LOL!!
So not much happened this week! Been wanting to stay in bed every day and such a bugger when you have kids cause you just cant!! But i am starting to feel much better now so hey - Thats a good thing!!
I have not scrapped much this week - I did one LO yesterday which is for a sketch challenge! Will share that (The Shell LO) And i did one A-Z LO today and am doing another right now - So only 4 & 1/2 more to go and i am done - I will have to post it on wednesday so i gotta get it all done this weekend!!! But i am pretty proud of myself regardless of how i go as i got it all done so quickly and i am pretty happy with most of the LOs too!! I rarely finish a themed album and like it!! LOL!!
So i dont really have much to write - Just thought i would check in!! Here is a few of my A-Z LOs and my Sketch LO!!!
Check out the reptie park LO - I am SOOO pregnant there!! Fat cow arent i!! LOL!!! LOL and cant you tell how much my fashion has changed since then and the Queen LO - the pic was taken the weekend of the retreat!! Same pants and same colour top (They are different tops!!) Such a dag i am!! HAHAHA!!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter!! (A little late!!)

Well happy easter everyone!! We had a pretty good one here!! Especially Mitch who got up before everyone else and stole his sisters chocolate aswell!!! LOL!! Cheeky little brat!! LOL!! Then this morning he stole my chocolate too!! Jono insists it was before he got up but i dunno!! Once he gets on his game he doesnt hear things very well!!! LOL!!
So yesterday we went to Jonos family for a few hours - The kids had a blast playing with their cousins and aunties and uncles - Can you believe i didnt take any pics yesterday!! We still havent done our easter hunt yet either - Our grass is too long so we were gonna do it at the inlaws but never got around to it and then we were gonna go to a park today but still havent!! We will do it soon!! Alicia is sick though so im not too bothered about getting it done today or whenever! I dont want to take her out in the cold!
So i have been scrapping up a storm lately and i love it!!! I am up to S now in my A-Z LO!! Not bad seeing as i started a few weeks ago!! HAHA!!
So Alicia had an appointment with the paedatrician this week as she had a heart murmur detected - It was quite scary though as the doctor was listening for AGES and not telling me anything! But he seems to think she will be fine and that it is an innocent murmur - I have had heaps of people tell me they have them so that is quite comforting too!! I scrapped a page the night before she went all about my fears - I will put it in my post - I really love this page as it is so heartfelt - Mainly journalling and i think she will really appreciate and love reading it when she is older!
Went up to Newcastle on Saturday night for a crop with the gals again!!! Fun as ALWAYS!!! Love these nights out!!! I got 3 & 1/2 pages scrapped - Probably would have finished the 4th one too if not for getting kicked out!! LOL!!
And dont forget girls - Chipmunks - Thursday!!!!
So anyway - Gotta go to the shops now - Need something for dinner!! Otherwise they will all starve!! (Especially if i keep eating there easter eggs!! HAHA!!)
So i will leave you with 2 of my latest LOs and 2 pics of my gorgeous boys with there easter hats!! matt made his at shcool by himself - Mitchy made his with lots and lots of MY help at home!! LOL!! (OK i made most of it and he just helped stick stuff on!! LOL!!)

Monday, April 10, 2006


Finally thought i would update again!! LOL!! Sometimes i just keep thinking nah i will do it later and never get around to later!!
So here i am - Not much to report though!! Was a pretty quiet weekend - My mum dropped in from Coffs on friday arvo - huge suprise!!! Saturday i ended up staying home - was going to watch Jono play basketball but i ended up chucking a tiff and Jono ended up taking the boys to his mums and it was justme and Alicia and the sweetheart had the hugest sleep so i got some scrapping done!!! I was just on one of my moods!! As you do!! So it did end up good though cause i got some real nice quiet time!!
Friday night was the scrap needs cyber crop - that was fun!! Chatting and scrapping - my 2 fave things to do !! LOL!!! I got one LO done for the challenge and ended up starting another one too!!
I am still plodding along with the A-Z - I just finished K this morning!! Nearly half way!! LOL!! So 4 of my 5 done this week!! Might try and get as many as i can done this week to try and get it done even earlier!! But i do love to do other LOs aswell!! LOL!! Thats what makes me slow with my CJs too i think - Cause i love to do LOs for me!!!! I love to scrap!! Lately i am on such a roll that it is no problem but usually i can just do a few a week!! (OMG - I love the roll i am on at the moment though!! I love it!!!) So anyway - I should go - Gotta get Matt in about half hour!! FUN!! Alicia is wanting my attention and gotta put a load of washing in!!
Have a good day!! here are my 2 LOs!!